Jam Count: 16

Summer Jam

By cew, 5 July, 2024

It's getting hot outside and the musics just getting started for our summer Jam series in downtown Raleigh!

First Transfer Co. Jam

By cew, 5 July, 2024

We're headed back to Downtown Raleigh but this time will be jamming at the Transfer Co. Event Hall! Bigger space, dedicate sound system, it should be a banger!

First House of Art Jam

By cew, 16 December, 2023

The next Turnabout Players Jam after having to leave our spot in Durham but happy to be in Raleigh in a place that loves art, the House of Art!

Last Bad Machines Jam

By cew, 2 December, 2023

This is the last jam at Bad Machines in Durham and we are trying to turn it out with all our community submissions and folks old and new to the jams.

The Family Jam

By cew, 11 November, 2023

Were celebrating family this November as we only have one jam and going to feature a bunch of music transcribed by the Triangle VGM Community!

Second Two Week Jam

By cew, 16 December, 2023

First of the every two weeks jams with Turnabout Players at Bad Machines. Let's keep rocking!